ChiQ Partners

We work together with a handful of partners. ChiQ World is part of the ChiQ Group of Companies which includes partners such as ChiQ Invest S.A. and Gatun Lake Construction S.A.

ChiQ Invest S.A.

ChiQ Project Development (CPD) was established with the aim of becoming a sustainable Project Development and Asset Management company in Panama. With over 10 years of experience in the Panamanian construction sector, asset, and real-estate market, and having in- depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities, we decided it was the right time to establish CPD to respond to attractive investment opportunities.

Flower Power Industries

Our partner for future development in the Cambutal area of Panama. More information will follow.

Gatun Lake Construction

Developed in 2012 by an elite group of Panamanian and European architects and international businessmen, having discovered the potential for growth and development in Panama’s economic expansion, GLC combines top-level experience; a unique blend of creativity and functionality; and an unrivaled, premium service to save you time, money and stress.

Panama Portfolio

Panama Portfolio, a leading asset management firm specializing in private equity investments in Panama since 2006, has a reputation for successfully developing premium real estate assets. The firm focuses on investing in prime locations, with a primary emphasis on beachfront properties and scenic mountainous areas near Altos de Campana National Park and Lake Gatún. Currently, the firm's primary focus is on two projects, Villas de Chica and Yuma Mountain Community, both situated in the picturesque mountains of Chica.

Pacific Lot Living

Located in Panama’s most diverse province and well-known for its pristine beaches and waving palm trees you’ll find Coco Beach Community and Palm Beach Resort. It is one of those locations in the world where you can enjoy nature to its fullest. Learn how to live the good life, enjoying fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood fresh off the boat. The Coco Beach project is managed by Pacific Lot Living.

Reside Panama

Reside Panama: a source of information by personal experiences By providing these personal experiences we aim to help expats who are exploring Panama as a possible country to migrate but in addition provide useful information for expats who are already living in Panama. We share information and experiences about Panama by Reside Panama with our clients to inform them about Panama's lifestyle.

Ashley Furniture: Well-Known in the USA and Beyond

Ashley Furniture is a globally recognized brand with a strong presence in the United States. Known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovative designs, Ashley Furniture brings its expertise to ChiQ Residences in Panama. Residents can now choose from an extensive collection of furniture options to complement their homes, ranging from stylish living room sets to functional bedroom ensembles.

Furniture City: Elevating Home Interiors

Furniture City, a prominent name in the furniture industry, has joined forces with ChiQ World to bring its expertise in interior design to new homeowners. With a diverse range of furnishings that cater to various tastes and preferences, Furniture City ensures that ChiQ Residences are not just houses but homes that reflect the unique style and personality of their occupants.

Life Urban Store: Modern Living Redefined

Life Urban Store is synonymous with modern and contemporary furniture, making it a perfect collaborator for ChiQ World. By integrating Life Urban Store’s chic and sophisticated pieces into the turn-key solutions, ChiQ Residences promises an elevated standard of living. From sleek dining tables to avant-garde decor, residents can now personalize their homes with ease.

Life Plus: Enhancing Lifestyle with Quality Furniture

Life Plus brings a touch of luxury and functionality to ChiQ Residences. As a collaborator, Life Plus contributes to turn-key solutions by offering high-quality furniture that combines aesthetics with durability. With a focus on creating comfortable and inviting living spaces, Life Plus complements ChiQ World’s vision of providing unparalleled residential experiences.