ChiQ embodies a way of life, a unique lifestyle that many dream of, but only some will get to experience. As part of our commitment, we take the highest pride at offering a one-of-a-kind experience and providing the best service to all of our guests. We would like to take the opportunity to extend a warm welcome and to cordially invite you to witness the ChiQ experience. Live and have a story to tell, leave us your ChiQ story.



Our mission is to provide an innovative exclusive experience to our guests seeking for a place to find comfort and inspire their memories.



Our vision is to become the most innovative luxury brand in the hospitality sector.





ChiQ represents a different way to see the world. We understand the imperative need to be innovative and stay up to date with future advances. Having this understanding, our approach has been to put together one of the most unique concepts in regards to futuristic hotels. We have integrated a vast array of different technologies all working together to bring about a glimpse of the future.




We have taken the time to give a unique motif to all the rooms in ChiQ. Different areas will have different themes and no room is alike. Each has its unique décor and state-of-the-art equipment, all combined to provide an intelligent way of comfort.




ChiQ’s one-of-a-kind concept provides a unique experience that is engineered to inspire awe, create memories and generate ideas. Our facility’s artistic concept provides a setting designed to be as exclusive as your cherished moments.




The quality of craftsmanship assembled has been our core principle so we can better serve our guests. From the rooms that comprise the comfort zone to the state-of-the-art terrace overlooking a lush tropical landscape.




Our commitment to capture the imagination of our patrons is the driving force behind it all. We want to share our ChiQ story and allow others to create their story as well. Keeping in mind that our service should reflect the standards of our valued guests.